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We meet with you to better understand your lifestyle, desires, needs, objectives, and priorities for the project. This is also the time we review any images and ideas you’ve gathered which you’d like to use as inspiration for your home.

Schematic Design

Developing the initial design intent, or concept, on which the entire project will be based. In creating these floor and/or furnishings plan concepts we consider your activities and functions, space planning needs, furnishings scale and arrangement, traffic patterns, and general consideration to lighting, electrical, communication, and Audio/Video requirements.

Design Development

Once the floor plan starts to take shape we begin creating the specific features of the overall design. Through elevation drawings we show architectural details, cabinetry, or other features that may define the spaces. To complete the overall design selections are made for all the materials, finishes, and/or furnishings. We also provide any drawings required to convey the design intent or to aid in the installation of the materials.

Contract Document

During this phase we will finalize the drawing package to reflect all decisions we’ve made to date. This also includes providing an Interior Finishes Document which outlines all the material and finish selections; it also includes any specifications for proper installation of the materials. These documents are provided to communicate the design intent to those providing the labor needed to complete your project.


We are your advocate during the construction phase and work closely with the General Contractor to oversee the implementation of the design. We pride ourselves on being team players and are always available to answer questions from you or the General Contractor; helping to keep your project on track.

Interior Furnishings

Based on the desired furnishings plan we research furniture options to best fit your criteria, style, and investment. Because there are so many options available we help you by narrowing down the selection to just a few really great candidates. Custom designing window treatments, bed coverings, rugs, and more. Then to complete your envisioned space we source just the right finishing touches including art, lamps, toss pillows, and other decorative objects to perfectly mix with your personal items you’ve collected or inherited.

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Interior Design Services

We meet with you to learn about your vision and discuss the scope of services you’d like us to undertake. We emphasize creating a design that reflects your lifestyle, personality and needs.