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“We met Krista through our builder when we were remodeling our kitchen and bath. Krista effectively acted as one part architect, one part interior designer and one part quality assurance throughout our entire remodel. The result is a lovely, functional and comfortable living space for our family. Now, she's stuck with us (!) as we make our way through nearly every other living space in our house. She has a great eye for color, texture and aesthetics — balanced with practicalities (like three kids and two dogs) and our budget. Krista sees things in a way we simply can't — and the result is beautiful.”
— Lisa H.

“It was wonderful to have Anita’s creative design ideas, objectivity, and commitment to our project with the wow factor. Everyone that visits our home says,” This looks like you!” “WOW” That’s a sign of a cool designer taking what we have, adding to it and making it awesome and ours.”
— Beth C.

“Having three children and a very busy lifestyle makes for its own kind of craziness. Renovating on top of every day functioning can make one crazy. When Krista took over the project the stress and headaches seemed to melt away. She is professional, timely, very detail oriented and listens like no other design professional we have worked with. We continue to develop and tweak our house project and Krista has been there every step of the way. Indicia is our saving grace.”
— Jacqui M.

“My to-do list of interior updates was getting longer than my list of accomplishments. I know what I like but my time is not unlimited and I do not have access to all of the resources and brands available. After an initial “get to know you meeting” with Anita Johnson she went to work making a vision a reality. Now instead of spending the entire weekend shopping I meet with Anita once or twice and all decisions (colors, floor, fixtures etc.) are made. I never realized how much fun this could be. I am now adding projects to my design list because I don’t want the momentum to stop.”
— Judy G.

“As you could tell throughout the project, I needed direction to stay on task. Glad you could help me in that area and appreciate your patience with me! The whole process was much easier and smoother than anticipated. The fact that you did the project management and narrowed my choices helped tremendously. Weekly and follow-up communications were essential to keeping me on task. Ordering our “extras” made the process easier for us since we did not have to spend precious family time running around the area to make choices. None of the space is wasted and is thoughtfully planned. My wishes were translated beautifully and the attention to detail was exquisite.”
— Dawn E.

“Bathroom is ah-maze-balls! Loving it oh so much! It is my new favorite place to shower.”
— Kathi J.

“Working with Anita was a pleasure. She listened to discover our needs, dreams, budget, and personal style. Her creativity and expertise helped us to create a beautiful bedroom suite. The added touches Anita brought make it a truly special and glamorous space. I would definitely recommend her and hope to work with her again soon.”
— Marcia H.

“Team INDICIA helped us develop our ideas in ways that would have not been possible by us alone. They expanded our comfort level with magnificent results. Products and finishes were found that were a perfect fit for our lifestyle. The result of all of this is a stunning, unique and efficient kitchen remodel. We wanted to dress our house up a little. Well, we have attained a new space that we absolutely love.”
— Sue E. & Dimitri B.

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Clients Rave

It’s one thing to know how to give each room its own unique, personal style and another to receive professional recognition in our industry. But what makes it all worthwhile is hearing praise from our clients — they talk about our results the best.